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VVL 1530 Van Veen Loop Antenna

9kHz to 30MHz
編 號:VVL 1530
AFJ VVL 1530 is a calibrated 2-metre large Van Veen Loop antenna designed and manufactured to comply with CISPR 15 and CISPR 16-1-4 requirements.

The current probe around the inner conductor of the coaxial antenna-cable has a sensitivity of 1V/A over the frequency range from 9kHz to 30MHz, so no antenna factor is needed to use during measuring. The calibrated frequency range is 9kHz to 30MHz and each antenna can be used with any CISPR 16-1-1 EMI receiver or spectrum analyzer. Optional available accessories are the calibration kit and the EUT support.

VVL 1530 is a complete 3-axis antenna with a manual switching unit to select each loop in turn. The loops are 2m in diameter with the lowest point 0.5m above ground and are fitted with specially designed current transducers in fully screened housings. Ambient interference is strongly suppressed in open area measurements. VVL 1530 is designed to be collapse down to subunit of convenient size, easy to store. Assembly and disassembly is very fast, no screws necessary.

The signals from the loop antenna is analyzed by through FFT 3010 EMI receiver.
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